Now you see it, now you don’t! Basically, that’s how switchable privacy glass behaves. The technology can be particularly valuable on those days when the sun appears undecided; shining strongly for several minutes and then suddenly hiding behind the clouds. The glass provides excellent convenience allowing you to continue with your work without having to pull your blinds up and down.

Also popular is electrochromic or smart glass – switchable privacy glasses work by switching from light to dark (or clear to opaque) and back, at the push of a button. Quite simple; if it’s too bright inside your office, just press a button and the glass will switch to “dark” thereby allowing less light to enter the room. If it becomes a little too dark inside, press the button again to switch to “light” mode. Aside from the convenience, the technology comes with several environmental benefits.

How exactly does it work?switch-glass-nyc-office

Glass, even the simplest one, is an invaluable component in construction. Without it, our homes and offices would be dark, cold, damp, and dingy. However, ordinary glass also has a few drawbacks. For instance, it lets in too much light/heat into offices and living spaces, even when you don’t need the light/heat.

On a blinding summer day, a lot of heat enters buildings, necessitating air conditioning. This is not only costly but environment unfriendly. This is why most homes and offices are fitted with curtains and blinders. Yet, attending to blinders and curtains, keeping them clean and replacing them every few months, is also expensive. Switchable privacy glass protects you from the burning heat without subjecting you to the nuisance of curtains and binders. In an increasingly technological world, this is perfectly understandable.

Innovative technology

Ordinary windows are made from single vertical glass panes while double-glazed windows have two separate glass panes separated by an air gap designed to improve heat insulation as well as enhance sound proofing. More sophisticated windows are made from low-e, heat-reflective glass coated with a thin layer of metallic chemicals making them quite effective at keeping interior spaces warm in winter and cool in the summer. Smart glass works almost like the low-e glass except that the metallic chemicals used are more sophisticated. Moreover, the metallic oxides in smart glasses are deposited using an advanced process, similar to how integrated circuits are made.

On the surface facing your home/office, switchable privacy glass has a double-sandwich of five ultra-thin layers. A separator sits between the inside and outside faces with an electrode lining either side of the separator. Completing the structure are two transparent electrical contact layers sitting just behind the electrodes. Lithium ions that migrate back and forth between the two electrodes via the separator help to turn the glass transparent or opaque. When voltage is applied, the ions move through the separator to the outermost electrode where they scatter away incoming light thereby turning the glass opaque. Reversing the voltage causes the ions to move back to their original positions and the glass turns transparent.

Installing switchable privacy glass is not expensive

Smart glass, just as you would expect, is more expensive than ordinary vertical panes. Prices vary depending on the manufacturer; you can expect to pay between $200 and $500 per square meter (some are also cheaper or more expensive). Still, this is expensive considering that ordinary glass panes cost less than $100/metersq.

However, if you consider the features and benefits, the higher prices of smart glass panes are fully justified. Smart glass isn’t ordinary glass. These are very durable pieces of glass that are specially designed to protect interiors from exposure to the sun, cutting back on energy loss while effectively providing high levels of privacy.

Tag Wall, LLC now has the best smart glasses

Tag Wall, LLC employs the latest architectural technologies to manufacture trend-setting custom glass as well as other design-driven finish details. Contact us today on 212.354.9255 for information.

Professional glass wall system architects know how to add privacy and enhance visual space when installing frameless glass wall systems. Even though there are glass door systems in the market today that might meet the marketplace demand, the New York City dynamic marketplace requires nothing but the best frameless glass wall system designs. Every business in NYC is struggling to stay ahead of the competition by enhancing its general look, quality of services, and products. Tag Wall LLC has worked its way up the industry ladder to become the premier framless glasswall systems manufacturer and designer.

Frameless Glasswall Systemsswitch-glass-wall

Glass wall systems can change the dowdy traditional office space environment by refreshing it with a unique design element of frameless glass interior office walls. The technique of transforming drab office designs into modernized glass wall designs in NYC has become popular among most architects and interior designers. There are several physiological advantages of redesigning a commercial office’s space by employing the frameless glass wall systems techniques.

This analysis of some of the benefits of frameless glass wall systems shows that the systems are not expensive. The benefits of using glass wall systems in designing the interior of an office space in New York City include:

  • Durability

It’s always vital to make certain that the materials used in constructing an office are durable. Frameless glass wall systems are durable, especially if installed professionally. A building that has glass wall office spaces will not start looking outdated within a short period of time, as is the case with buildings constructed with other materials. In fact, glass wall systems can maintain a modern look on a commercial building for more years as compared to other construction materials. Frameless glass walls don’t fade in color or tarnish, hence making it a less expensive investment over time.

  • Modern Design

Glass walls systems create a distinct modern design which may change the image of a company. The modern feel will portray a company as one that is focused on the future on a subconscious level. In other words, frameless glass wall systems are an inexpensive way of sending the right image about a business or company in a non-verbal way to potential customers. Hence, frameless glass wall systems will technically reduce the corporate identity and branding costs.

  • Enhanced Communication

Glass walls or doors in an office environment enhance the way coworkers communicate and associate with each other. Furthermore, it’s less intimidating knocking or talking to a person behind a closed door than it is to signal someone behind a glass wall. While walls or doors made from other materials decrease communication channels in an office, the glass walls take away the barriers by boosting communication. A business owner who has invested in frameless glass wall systems doesn’t have to invest in other team building processes that might be expensive to the business at the end of the day.

  • Honesty and Openness

Using frameless interior glass wall systems is the easiest way of creating a team of employees that can align their efforts together in building trust with clients. Employees who mingle freely and share ideas without boundaries are more productive and easier to mobilize towards success. Potential customers or clients tend to trust companies that promote openness in ways such as using glass wall systems.

  • Good-looking Design Elements

In the past workmates in a company didn’t even know each other due to lack of honesty and openness in an office space or workplace. Interior glass walls have created room for bonding and association that has in turn generated good performance through enhanced employee-teamwork. In addition, the frameless glass wall systems are a pleasant sight to see everyday thus motivating to employees.

Designing a Quiet Office

The scene of the modern office is continually evolving as entrepreneurs and visionaries seek out more effective and efficient ways to collaborate towards a common goal, and that imagination inhabits the work spaces and offices in which they choose to pursue their dreams. This, in turn, has caused many business owners and managers to gravitate towards an open, yet quiet, style of work environment. Gone are the cramped cubicles and clustered work spaces of yesterday. This evolution towards teamwork and collaboration has caused a high demand for the re-imagining of the modern office. Tag Wall, LLC specializes in this modern, team-orientated office production, all while still designing a quiet office that promotes collaboration and transparency.switch-glass

Their unique office designs in wood, metal, and glass will help create the most effective and inviting environment for any office team. Their project team has extensive experience in designing a quiet office with clients ranging from large corporations to even other design companies. Tag Wall cn produce any type of custom design, glass, or finish, and their detail-driven team of experts can help any company design a unique office that will be a playground for their imagination.

Office Systems

Tag Wall, LLC designs two main styles of office systems: Encore and Ion. Both are optimal for designing a quiet office. All products for both styles are locally manufactured, giving both a lower production cost and a shorter lead time over any of their competitors, and both systems feature a European Slim Line design, which gives a sleeker, slimmer metal frame for the system and glass doors that show no visible frame if so desired.


Tag Wall’s most popular office system design that features a glass office front, multiple options of doors, and custom finishes.

  • Tag Wall’s most popular design
  • Features European Slim Line design
  • Gives a clean, modern look
  • Features a full frame
  • Available with swinging or sliding doors
  • Features good acoustics
  • Takes six weeks to be completely installed


The Ion office system provides a very open-feeling environment for the office. This system provides the best acoustics, gives the option for single and double glazed glass, and allows for optional custom finishes.

  • Features Tag Wall’s best acoustics
  • Transitions seamlessly from single to double glazed glass on the same track
  • Boasts a high STC rating while keeping a clean architectural look
  • Manufactured and stored locally to allow for fast, affordable installation
  • Facilitates conference rooms perfectly
  • Features a European Slim Line design

Both of these systems feature the coveted customizable, modern look for designing a quiet office. Tag Wall provides the customizable options for finishes and door options:


  • Clear anodized aluminum
  • Light, medium, and dark bronze
  • Polished aluminum
  • Customizable color powder coat

Door Options:

  • Swing or slide doors
  • Glass or wood doors
  • Framed or no frame

Why Tag Wall, LLC?

Tag Wall, LLC sells and installs all of their own products. Their commitment to providing the most cost effective product and quickest service allow them to produce and install their product and help boost the local economy while being able to provide the best quality of product and service to their customers. Tag’s expert service and installation staff can help any company build the office it desires and help those employees reach their work potential by designing and installing a clean, inviting, and teamwork-orientated atmosphere. The main office of Tag Wall, LLC is located in New York City, but the company has subsidiary offices in:

  • Los Angeles
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Virginia
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Other locations nationwide

Click below to schedule your free consultation and the folks at Tag Wall will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The New York City’s marketplace demand for improved commercial office environments has compelled most glass wall systems architects in NYC to invent better industry techniques. Choosing the right architect who can provide light, technology, and enhanced privacy with frameless glass wall systems with short lead times can be challenging. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right architect and frameless glass wall systems.

Most manufacturers of frameless glass doors use both aluminum and wooden frames in making glass doors that can withstand architectural needs such as air infiltration and water penetration. The Tag Wall, LLC frameless glass wall systems guarantee good thermal performance all year


An established company makes frameless glass wall systems and interior sliding glass doors using locally manufactured glass. These glass walls are used in dividing big rooms into smaller rooms or office spaces in commercial buildings. Even though the glass walls or sliding glass doors are movable, they are usually sound proof, hence they capable of providing maximum confidentiality and privacy in the divided rooms. So, one cannot encroach on the privacy of the small rooms when they have been divided using soundproof glass walls. Interestingly, the custom frameless glass wall systems can be alternatively adjusted to suit big functions or meetings.

Technology and Expertise

Well trained and licensed frameless glass wall system architects know how to install the glass walls without creating too much disruption or demolition on an area. Hence, it’s vital to seek to know the kind of technology and expertise the architect or agency will use in installing the frameless glass wall systems. The architect should be able to make the installations in the most cost effective way without damaging the existing space. Experienced architects always insist on simplicity of set up and flexibility when installing the right frameless glass wall systems.

Glass Wall Designs

Choose frameless glass wall designs that will integrate the building or office structure with the neighboring landscape. Good architects will always endeavor to take into consideration the views of the business owner or the occupational responsibilities of the building’s employees. For instance, the staff and visitors of an environmentally-friendly organization need to connect more with the outside landscape. Therefore, it’s important to find a frameless glass wall system that allows more light and openness into the office space. The idea is to reduce the use of artificial lighting systems and promote transparency.

Frameless Glass Balustrade

Property owners who love experimenting with their outdoor spaces should consider trying out frameless glass balustrade. This technique is suitable for home owners or commercial property owners who want to create a balconies al fresco dining outside or glass sun rooms. Experienced architects recommend for the usage of functional furniture pieces when entertaining friends or enjoying the cool summer breeze in the glass balustrade outdoor rooms. Moreover, the frameless balustrades crafted for outdoor glass wall systems are manufactured from highly durable glass materials that can guarantee a home owner several years of outdoor fun. The frameless glass balustrades are available in a wide range of sizes, colors and forms suitable for various budgets or architectural needs.

Top Frameless Glass Wall Systems

Frameless glass wall systems installers who can employ various techniques of combining the best materials, colors, sizes, and types of designs are the best option. A well trained architect should be able to install a glass wall in such a manner that it fits the client’s desirable design for any outdoor setting. However, it’s the client’s responsibility to discuss the specific details of his or her expectations with a Tag Wall, LLC architect in order to come up with a design that blends well with the backyard or garden surroundings.

A common acoustic issue in virtually any space is noise transmission. Sound transmission can cause confidentiality, privacy, and noise issues. Sound from a noisy environment such as an area with loud music or a mechanical equipment room can travel through a partition into a quieter space, causing unwanted noise in the quieter space. This can not only disturb occupants of the quieter space but can also cause the quieter space to become unsuitable for the intended

Most offices require privacy. For instance, offices of lawyers, counselors, and managing directors cannot function where sound will transmit through the surrounding walls and into adjacent spaces. In fact, in most offices, if confidentiality isn’t an issue, privacy is.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development defines STC (Sound Transmission Control) rating as a standard “used to measure a material’s ability to reduce sound.” STC also measures a material’s ability to effectively mitigate any adverse noise levels that could affect a person’s use of a commercial structure.

STC is used to determine airborne noise loss between 125 and 4,000 Hz. This frequency range covers the majority of the noises we hear including; television, speech, music, dog barks, and other similar annoyances. A material with a higher STC rating is said to have a higher performance, and high-performance materials promise quieter working spaces.

STC for Various Wall Systems

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has developed an extensive chart to show how various walls will perform under an STC test. The chart shows approximated STC ratings for practically every wall you’re likely to see in daily life.

Here are a few examples of STC ratings for walls:

Exterior walls

  • The simplest wall which comprises 4” face bricks mortared together has an STC rating of 45. If instead of face bricks you use hollow core bricks, mortared together, the STC rating rises to 51.
  • Common brick walls, mortared together with ½ inch gypsum sand plaster have an STC rating of 50. If you use hollow bricks instead of common bricks, the rating increases to 53.
  • Two layers of face bricks, mortared together with a 2” air space between the walls and metal ties holding the walls together gets an STC rating of 50. however, if you use the same bricks but replace the air space with a 2 ¼ inch concrete grout and the metal ties with #6 and #5 bars holding the walls vertically and horizontally respectively, the STC rating shoots to 59.

Interior walls

  • The simplest interior walls are rated very low. For instance, a simple ½ inch gypsum board finished with a 3/16 –inch plywood laminated with contact cement has an STC rating of 28.
  • Nevertheless, you can always make the wall better. Some of the most sophisticated interior walls comprising; a double row of 2×4” wooden 16.o.c. on separate plates spaced one-inch apart, double-row of 5/8-inch type X gypsum board screwed 16.o.c., and 3 ½ inch thick sound attenuation blankets in both stud cavities can have an STC rating as high as 63.

How to Improve the STC Rating of a Wall

There are 3 main ways of improving the STC rating of a wall;

1. Adding mass – weight is considered a major factor in a partition’s ability to block sound. You can add mass by adding layers of gypsum.

2. Increasing or adding air space – increased air space can also improve air insulation. A common way to add airspace is using resilient channels and a layer of gypsum.

3. Adding an absorptive material in the partition – installing insulation within a wall can also improve STC rating by 4-6 dB.


Tag Wall LLC, is a New York-based architectural wall manufacturer and distributor, serving corporations, building owners and design firms. All our systems are 100% locally manufactured and we offer custom design on request. Contact us at 212.354.9255.

Architects and engineers in New York City have to be licensed by the Building department of New York City. However, getting the right installers of glass walls for a commercial office space requires considering other factors besides authorization. Here are some important considerations that commercial office owners need to make in order to find the best glass wall installers in NYC.

Environmental accountabilityglass-wall-instalations

With a population of about 8.5 million in the Five Boroughs, NYC is known to be the most populous area in the United States. It is considered to be one of the most crowded urban centers because all these people occupy only 305 square miles. Meaning, New York City is a close-knit community that requires intense environmental impact minimization.

Therefore, an established glass walls installer should always endeavor to prioritize environmental responsibility every time he/she executes installation projects in NYC. TagWall has the interests of its consumers at heart and thus will always make sure that the environment is kept safe at all times.

History of Installer

It’s good to go an extra mile to confirm the existence of a potential glass wall installer in NYC before signing any contract. Licensed and legit office glass wall installers will never hesitate to reveal a list of his/her former clients whenever requested. Some of Tag Wall’s existing clients include:

  • Allianz Global Investors
  • 32BJ SEIU
  • Silverstein Properties
  • Tower Group International
  • Jones Lang Lasalle
  • The Carlyle Group

Most of the above clients’ headquarters have glass walls that were installed professionally by contractors from Tag Wall.

Experience and Expertise

When reshaping the future’s workplace with a perfectly done glass wall installation project, an experienced installer utilizes the latest market trends. Moreover, the commercial real estate industry is more dynamic as compared to the residential properties field. Hire a glass wall installer who has years of experience of glass wall installation and understands the NYC commercial real estate dynamic.

Tag Wall understands that any office space that incorporates glass walls is an enhanced office space. Glass walls in a commercial office space help a lot in:

  • Promoting team cohesiveness among employees
  • Exposing the vistas of NYC’S inner city environment to the outside world
  • Creating an environment that fosters collaboration
  • Making modular and interior wall divisions in an office
  • Improving employee moral due to more light and openness
  • Increasing real estate cost and energy savings

By improving the office environment of the office space, Tag Wall knows how to translate an office’s quality to improved potential. The company uses state-of-the-art glass walls that fit various budgets. The years of experience and expertise that the engineers of Tag Wall posses gives them an edge over other glass wall installers in NYC.

Installation materials

Tag Wall maintains its office complex in Midtown Manhattan and hence, it doesn’t engage with middlemen in manufacturing the installation materials. Although most of its customers don’t see the manufacturing process in the company’s nearby manufacturing facilities, the quality of glass wall installations is certainly beyond doubt. In addition, the glass that Tag Wall uses in its installation is locally manufactured, making the company a true neighbor of NYC. The perception that Tag Wall is the best glass wall installer in NYC is based on the numerous commercial office space installations it has done it the past.

Top Glass Walls for Commercial Offices

The company always exceeds customer expectations by ensuring that it meets the ever evolving marketplace demands. The company’s standards for office glass wall installations are basically determined by the architectural community. Even though the NYC construction culture is challenging, careful analysis of market trends and feedback has enabled Tag Wall to appropriately hone its services for the NYC environment.


New York is a city like no other. And there is a reason why it is also known as the ‘Big Apple’. People from all over the world flock here just to have a taste of the ‘apple,’ and they end up acquiring one service or the other as well as products – this is a huge boost to the economy of this city. The majority of the people come here to expand their wings financially. That means they start looking for jobs or offices to set up their businesses. While they are at it, they also need a comfortable place to stay. However, finding space one likes instantly, whether office or home, can prove to be a challenge. A lot of renovations have to be done especially on the office space to give it the desired look.custom-glass-solutions

Being the new kid on the block is not always easy, and many are taken advantage of. But Tag Wall has your back. That their main operation area is New York shows that one can easily reach them and get all they need. Their systems are mainly focused on these three different lines as follows:

Encore System

These systems are locally manufactured and they include;

  • European slim line design
  • Full frame
  • Swinging or sliding doors
  • Good acoustics

It only takes six weeks for all these to be completely installed.

ION System

This system involves the transition from an open and single office layout to a double or more. Tag Wall uses double glazed glass in these petitions. Their finishing is always clean and the people inside still get the open feel of the office.

They also install the best acoustic (sound systems) for a more relaxing feel all around.

Slim Line

Metals offered here are of small and sleeker profile. The glass doors do not come with frames either. This makes the doors or windows look very clean after installation. It also gives the office a simple but elegant look, something every office owner is in for.

At Tag Wall, all products are sold as per the consumer preferences. Whether the clients prefer glass or wood doors, they are sure to deliver on time. They do not just stop at making deliveries; they have a team of qualified and experienced architects who are always ready to install these products. Major corporations, building owners, and design firms are mainly targeted. Products are sold directly to buyers, building architects, and designers which make it easy as there are no middlemen. At the end, the client gets exactly what they need.

The effectiveness of these materials to absorb sound is measured and rated very highly. This means all the products sold here are of maximum quality. With great glass solutions, maximum NRC ratings, custom glass, and special finishes, Tag Wall is the place every office owner needs to be at for all their office solutions. The good news is that this entire package is not just restricted to the people in the ‘Big Apple’ – other areas are also covered. They include:

  • LA
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Virginia
  • DC
  • Nationwide

Top Architectural Metal and Glass Solutions in NYC

Even when one is miles away from the ‘big apple’, they can still get their own share of it at Tag Wall. Here, quality is the main priority and satisfying clients is always what they desire most. They work with the clients to ensure the results are as they anticipated. Whether it’s a newly established office, one that needs a full makeover, a small firm or huge corporation, or a building owner, all these people will find what they are looking for here at Tag Wall.

Switch Glass Prices, Working Principle, and Applications

Switch Glass uses the principle of light transmission alteration. This creates variable opacity for various applications. The Switch Glass is transparent when switched on, with a visual light transmission of approximately 75%. When switched off, the glass offers white opacity or translucency. It is mainly designed to be either transparent or opaque at the flick of a switch. Some variants provide a diffusion effect with the inclusion of a dimmer switch for variable opacity.

Working Principleoffice-walls-glass

The working principle of the Switch Glass primarily rests on the technology used. The glass contains liquid crystal molecules as a laminate between two layers of annealed glass; all assembled under high pressure to make a sandwich unit. The laminate is made up of electrically conductive polymer, sandwiched with a PET layer. The resulting film is fitted with electrical wiring made up of a copper bus bar and a transformer for power supply. When the power is off, the molecules are oriented randomly. Thus, light is scattered randomly, making the glass opaque. When voltage is introduced, the molecules line up, allowing light to pass through for transparency. The voltage is supplied from the standard line voltage (240v or 110v depending on the region) through an integrated transformer.

The available glass types include:

  • Super clear
  • Toughened
  • Annealed
  • Fire resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Colored

The varieties are meant to fit the unique clients’ requirements depending on the applications


Switch Glass offers extensive applications in architectural and design industry. The primary applications include the following:

  • Commercial privacy  and UV protection for offices, conference halls, executive offices, meeting rooms and healthcare spaces
  • Commercial security whereby the film is strengthened for visual and impact protection
  • Projection screens (in the translucent mode) for conferencing, entertainment establishments
  • Green living applications for high end residential
  • Privacy applications for residential building owner such as bedrooms and bathroom areas

The glass comes in standard widths. However, the company does offer customized sizes to fit the individual requirements of the clients. Do note that the Switch Glass cannot be cut down in size after manufacturing. For this reason, in the case where the client requires the company to install, Tag Wall sends a team in advance for the measurements. For the contractors, all they have to do is send the fittings beforehand for the manufacturing. The products come in different cuts, decorations, colored presence, and custom shapes.

However, do note that once the once the piece is manufactured, it cannot be altered. All the fabrication occurs at the manufacturing stage. For this reason, the Tag Wall project team works closely with the clients for the best results.


Switch Glass can be incorporated into any standard framing system, either for single or double-glazing. The primary considerations include minimum panel thickness and allowance for the wiring system. Consider Tag Wall for the installation process, as the project requires qualified glaziers and electricians. Their project team accord the benefits of professionalism, experience, as well as adherence to the standard stipulations to avoid invalidating the warranty.


TaWall offers the following products

  • Encore: this is their best selling line. The primary features include European slim design for a sleek finish, full frame, and excellent acoustics. It takes a mere six weeks to install, and is great for swinging and sliding doors.
  • ION: offers the best acoustics among our products. Excellent for use as double-glazed walls for increased security, privacy and UV protection.
  • Slim Line: offers small sleeker profiles since it is frameless

Tag Wall provides superior services which include Switch Glass and accompanying hardware manufacture, distribution, handling, delivery, installation, as well as after sales services such as maintenance. For more information, contact Tag Wall at their central office in NYC. However, they also work in the following primary areas, as well as distribution, delivery and installations nationwide:

  • Los Angeles
  • Houston
  • Chicago
  • Virginia
  • DC

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, click the link below or call us today at 212.354.9255. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!