Once the decision has been made to install glass walls, the logical step is to look for capable and reputable glass wall installers. Unlike normal brick or cardboard walls, glass walls are quite a costly undertaking and need to be taken quite seriously. Additionally, a downright unprofessional job will be easy to spot even to the most oblivious; this is unlike traditional wooden or brick walls, which need a coat of paint to mask faults or basic design flaws. Glass is more prone to breakage and the useful life is considerably shortened when installation is not done well.

Glass Wall Installation: Timeframeglass-walls-nyc

Installation of glass walls is neither a fast job nor necessarily a long one. However, Tag Wall generally gives a project like this about 6 weeks, depending on various factors. Other glass wall installers will usually give the client a time frame for installation based on several factors. These are:

  • Duration it takes to source the materials
  • Geographical distance of the manufacturer
  • The client’s own due date for completion
  • Time of day when the installation can happen
  • Required quality of the glass
  • Number of contractors hired for glass wall installation
  • On time and adequate financing of the installation


Duration of sourcing materials and distance of manufacturer

Glass installation can only begin when the materials are on hand, and although contractors can lay some ground work as they wait for the materials, not a lot can be achieved until it arrives.

Manufacturers who are far away pose a logistical headache because transportation issues come in. The cost of transporting, number and types of transport vessels, companies involved, and the loading and unloading of the materials are just some of the issues that come into play, not to mention the risk of accidents. If the manufacturer is far away, one may need to consider taking out an insurance policy to cover against material loss via accidents.

The client’s own time-frame

The client can designate a time period in which they expect the work to have been done. The glass wall installers will in turn adapt to the client’s expectation and try and complete the job within that time frame. In a sense then, the client’s own date of completion sets the pace for the entire job.

Time of day when the installation can happen

Depending on the stipulated regulations or the client’s own requirements, the job could happen during the day or after hours. Although this may not seem particularly important, each time of day has its advantages. Daytime installation makes it easier to get additional components or fixtures and allows the use of natural light. Contractors are also likely to be more energetic during the day, just like any other workforce. Nighttime installation, on the other hand, allows the contractors access to the entire office or floor. It provides a free zone to work without worrying about the noise they may create.

Quality of the glass wall

A quality job will demand more time and will guarantee that the glass wall lasts for a long time. If the focus is to use the glass walls into the future, adequate time should be allowed for the glass wall installers to be perfectionists and get the job done right.

Number of contractors and adequate financing

Manpower is everything. If a job needs to be done fast, having many contractors on hand can facilitate this. If the client needs a fast job, they should be prepared to finance the job fully and beforehand. Securing payment in this manner covers all aspects of sourcing, contractor payments and so on, sealing any loopholes for failure.


The need for privacy is paramount in an office and can be achieved through a number of conventional ways. However, modern office design aesthetics do not advocate closed off office spaces, but instead use glass cubicles and partitions. In this scenario, privacy is achieved by being able to conduct a meeting, presentation, or conference without the adjoining office occupant hearing a thing.

Properly Soundproof Your Office

STC Ratings for Glass Partitions and Cubiclesoffice-walls-glass

STC stands for Sound Transmission Class, and it is the level to which a building can block sound. Materials used in constructing offices or buildings have a 1 to 60 rating, 1 being virtually zero sound proof and 60 being completely sound proof.

That said, no office requires the use of materials with a rating of 60, but any that can guarantee average ratings will do. Contrary to popular opinion, particle boards are hardly effective in proper sound proofing, and they need not be considered.

Glass Walls – The Only Real Choice

Without a doubt, the best choice for offices that provides quality soundproofing is glass walls. Capable of high STC ratings, glass has been engineered to be better at blocking out sounds and noise than traditional dry walls. Double glazed glass walls are the best at this and come with virtually all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of traditional walls.

Glass walls give an office an air of transparency, openness, and warmth. Clients can get a sense of what is happening in an office, and see for themselves the faces of the business. They require very little in the way of installation, and unlike their counterparts, they make an office look sleek and aesthetically pleasing.

Further, glass wall installation needs little demolition and consequently, it requires hardly any clean up at all. If one chooses the single pane glass option, it is possible to get decent levels of noise reduction with their STC rating of 26. Double glazed glass walls, however, offer proper sound proofing, achieving as high as a 50 STC rating.

Proper Soundproofing Tips

There are several things to consider when soundproofing, and they can go a long way in achieving the desired level of privacy.

1.    Quality carpets

To properly shield against noises made by feet or furniture scraping against the floor, consider lining it with a carpet. There are many inexpensive varieties of floor carpets that are thick enough and made of tough material to simultaneously muffle floor noises and be able to withstand the constant human traffic with the occasional scrapes from chairs and tables.

2.    Glass thickness

When choosing a glass wall system, consider the functionality that is required. If there is a need to assure total privacy, such as in a law firm or financial institution, double glazed walls are very appropriate and will function well. Similarly, conference rooms and managerial staff offices should have double glazed wall systems. Front offices, as well as the offices of lower level staff members, need only have a single pane glass wall.

3.    Amount of gas space between glass panes

Having chosen the double glazed glass units, one can play around with the level of soundproofing, depending on preferences. It is possible to custom order double glazed glass walls that are differentiated by the gas spaces between them; the larger the space, the higher the soundproofing. This is because the trapped air is a poor medium for conducting sound and the larger that space is, the less noise will be conducted.

4.    Hardware spacing

It’s possible to reduce the noise produced in a room, simply by spacing and arranging furniture and hardware. When the objects are made to occupy a bigger area, i.e. increase the surface area they occupy, the chances of sounds vibrating and reverberating are minimized, meaning that no noise is produced.

Office wall systems are a crucial design and structural decision for any business. Because the type of walls in an office ends up affecting the whole environment in the workplace, the utmost consideration should be given when choosing one. One does not merely judge affordable office wall systems by the low cost of material purchase and installation; a myriad of other factors comes into place as well.

Most Affordable Office Wall Systemsglass-wall-installations-nyc

The ability of the installation company to source materials fast and cheaply is one such factor that comes into play. The shortening of lead times also goes a long way in cutting costs. Critically though, the most important factor is utility. A wall system is affordable only when it serves the best-intended purpose of a client’s business or offices.

Affordable office wall systems are not, as outlined above, merely a function of price. The following considerations drive the choice of wall systems:

1.    Appealing aesthetics

2.    Ease of installation

3.    Need to supervise employees without moving through individual cubicles and offices.

4.    Required level of privacy or sound proofing.

5.    The design of the office.

6.    The perception of the clients.

Glass Wall Systems

These days, most businesses are adopting glass wall systems for their offices, forgoing the traditional particle boards and concrete walls for several reasons:

•    Glass walls increase the perception of openness.  Clients get a sense of what is going on in a firm just by seeing everyone in their offices.

•    Glass wall systems give an element of style and sleekness to the office.

•    Glass walls can achieve significantly high STC ratings, unlike traditional wall materials, enhancing privacy in each office or cubicle.

•    Glass walls are relatively easy to install compared to other wall materials.

•    Glass wall systems have added benefits, such as energy conservation and the ability to block off destructive solar/UV rays that damage furniture.

Office Wall Systems

Tag Wall, LLC designs and installs two major types of affordable office wall systems: Ion and Encore. Both of these are optimized to provide nearly all the benefits of glass wall systems. Tag Wall, LLC enjoys a supreme advantage over its competitors in terms of material sourcing. Because all their materials are locally manufactured, they can acquire them, and in shortened lead times, provide excellent service to the client at a significantly reduced cost.  The two styles of office systems are of a European Slim Line design that features slim metal frames as well as glass doors that can be built frameless.

Encore Office System

This is Tag Wall’s most popular office wall system, and it includes a front glass office with multiple door options and several custom finishes. Some other intriguing features about this type of system include:

•    Incorporated European Slim Line design

•    Availability of swinging or sliding doors

•    Fast installation (about six weeks from start to completion)

•    Option of a full frame

Ion Office System

This second system is also quite popular because it gives an air of openness to an office as well as good acoustics. The Ion system has single or double glazed glass options that allow for custom finishes. The following highlight the benefits of the Ion System:

•    Offers seamless transition from single to double glazed glass on the same track

•    Has arguably one of the highest STC ratings for office systems

•    Is an optimal design and functional choice for conference rooms

•    Also incorporates the European Slim Line design

•    Locally manufactured and stored allowing quick and affordable installation

The Only Choice

As far as affordable office wall systems go, Tag Wall offers the best choice, with the most benefits. They have adopted a client-centered focus that seeks to maximize service utility and minimize any undesirable variable in terms of cost, time inconvenience, and design ineptitude. Tag Wall is the only choice in installing affordable office wall systems.


Glass is one of the most versatile building materials. It allows the occupants of a room to have a view of the outdoors while keeping harsh weather elements out. As a prominent feature of modern buildings, there have been amazing ways to improve its functionality. Layering of glasses for insulation is one of them.

Double Glazed Glass for Offices

Here are a few reasons why you should consider double glazed glass for your office space:

  • Noise Cancellationoffice-walls

The most important factor considered when setting up offices is location. So even when the office is set up in a relatively noisy environment, double glazed glass has impressive noise insulating properties so the employees inside shut the world out and immerse themselves in their work. That is just one creative way to improve productivity.

  • Controlled Temperatures

The gas that exists between the two layers of glasses (lite) traps heat that warms up the room during the cold season. During the summer, double glazed glass minimizes transfer of heat from the air outside into the room, keeping the conditions temperate.

Low e-coating is a very thin layer that also reflects heat to maintain the temperatures in the room.

  • Protect Office Furniture

Intense UV light is also known to compromise the quality of fabric over time. The e-coating on the surface of the glass coating reduces the amount of these potentially dangerous Ultraviolet rays that pass through into the room.

  • Extra Strength

The double layer of glass will weather storms, the sun’s harsh rays, heavy rains, and strong winds. Laminated glass for example is made by fusing two layers of glass with polyvinyl butyral.

The two layers of glass in the unit can be of the same thickness or they may vary. The outer could be made thicker for security purposes.

  • Long Lasting

The Insulating Glass Manufacturing Alliance estimates that the average double glazed glass lasts 15 years. The type of glass is also important when considering how long the glass lasts.

Safety glass is always preferred over ordinary glass. Laminated glass, a type of safety glass, tends to last longer than tempered glass, in addition to being more secure. The security factor comes to play when the entire glass structure does not collapse even when hit hard.

Saving on Cooling and Heating Costs

When solar energy (in heat form) is reflected, the room stays cooler. In the long run, the company saves up on air conditioning and heating costs in the winter.

The gap between the glasses may either be air or vacuum.

Air Filling:

The most common gas is Argon, though Xenon and Krypton are also alternatives. The gas argon particularly has low heat conduction properties. Argon’s is 47% less than air. This way, it effectively blocks heat loss and absorption. The gas will naturally dissipate into the environment, though in negligible amounts which do not pose any risk.

It may be risky for commercial premises because of the risk of the gas leaking. They would be more appropriate in a domestic setting. The leaking will also distort the shape of the entire glass structure

Vacuum Filled

It is lauded as the best method in Insulating Glass Units (IGUs). In the vacuum, no heat is exchanged, and that translates to the conditions in the work space.

The Insulating Glass Manufacturing Alliance recently launched a Vacuum Insulating Glass Technical Bulletin that lists the full benefits of using a vacuum filled unit.

The best part about all this is that Tag Wall, LLC offers a warranty. We manufacture replacements promptly if ever the glass on your Tag Wall installed windows crack.

Order your double glazed glass from Tag Wall today and enjoy the full benefits an Insulated Glass Unit provides.

Tremor Video provides a marketplace for the world’s leading advertisers to buy and sell video advertising.  The team over at Tremor needed an environment fitting for their workflow, a cycle of interactive team strategy meetings that transition to individualized efforts.

To create this vision, our Encore System was used for individual offices and we also developed a fully custom free standing glass conference room in the center of the office.  The challenges of a “fishbowl” style meeting room were approached head on by using our clear anodized Encore framing system, heavy duty brackets, and a custom steel bar framing system at the top track.

Tremor’s unique needs for synergy and interconnectivity between group and individual environments were met with a unique Tagwall solution.

There are tens of wall distributors marketing themselves brilliantly and hoping you select them to install their wall for you. Here are the top things to consider while selecting one:

Objective Customer Reviews and Opinions

These are the most accurate sources of information.  Some reviews are touted, so seek an independent client who has gotten their wall from them. Get a previous customer to tell you the truth one-on-one about the distributor’s weak points and what they think could be improved.

Ask about the quality of the product, how much the previous customer enjoys it, and what they love most about it.


For major installations like walls, it is wise to stick with the big names who have built their reputation over the years, as long as the brand stays strong.

How long has the company been in business? Do they have a history of bankruptcy or shady business? Are they constantly being served with lawsuits by dissatisfied clients? If they have been playing the market for a while, then they know exactly how to stay on top. Plus, how do they measure up among competition?

Staff Demeanor

How you are handled when you are at the actual location will tell you all you need to know about a distributor. Content employees will almost always deliver quality services and products.


The best quality isn’t always the most expensive. Good quality, however, always comes with a price that’s above average. Depending on your purchasing power, you can go as high as you please.

A reliable wall distributor prices products appropriately – they should never be outrageously expensive or unbelievably low.

Pace of Delivery

This is easily the most important factor. Reliability is measured by how fast the manufacturer is in producing the wall system. If they can manufacture the product within the agreed timeline, then they are a reliable distributor.


The nearer the distributor is to where your building is, the better. You incur less costs on transport (if you’re paying for it), and less time is spent on the delivery itself.


This is where personal tastes can overrule experience and brand names. Art is dynamic, and new designs keep coming up every other time. A startup may launch a series of dazzling wall systems whose designs are different from a major company that focuses on entirely different designs.

Thorough Knowledge and Experience

The work of a gifted artist shines through so prominently that the prospective client doesn’t have to question their qualifications. A designer with a good eye creates original and emotionally invoking designs ahead of his or her time.

Check up on the credentials of the architects you want to get your walls from. Read up on them where possible and examine their portfolio so you know what to expect.

Good Customer-Client Relationships

How do distributors relate with their former and current clients? Maintenance of the wall is inevitable. What are they doing to keep in touch with their clients? Are they motivating their clients to refer them to others or does the interaction end at installation?

Reliable distributors keep their customers coming back for more. It could be polishing up on the exterior, adjustments to fortify the walls, and other activities.

Most Reliable Wall Distributors

Tag Wall, LLC is the most reliable wall distributor in New York. We manufacture, stock, and distribute breathtakingly beautiful walls. We have worked hard to earn the title of ‘reliable wall distributor.’ Our reliability is further boosted by the fact that we manufacture all walls locally. That means we deliver faster.

Visit us today at www.tagwallny.com and you won’t be disappointed!

Office walls are in a different category because space is almost always limited and needs to be fully utilized. It is said that a person’s or an organization’s work space is an accurate representation of who they truly are on the inside. Picture a gray and silver themed office with a glass wall system. In addition to channeling their good taste, the clear glass accords the occupant a breathtaking view of the outdoors and the hallways while shutting the noise out at the same time.

As commercial spaces, offices need to maintain ambient yet serious environments. Striking the perfect balance between the two modes relies heavily on the type of walls you choose to have installed and the finishing on them. Most importantly, it depends on the team that does the manufacturing and installation. Not just anyone can both create more space and maintain high aesthetic standards.

Features of Tag Wall LLC office wallsoffice-walls-glass

  • Sleek designs featuring custom glass on full frame swing sets
  • Elegant frameless sliding glass walls
  • Sliding doors with full frames
  • Frameless, easy to operate swinging doors
  • We can also manufacture a selection of beautiful high gloss wood.

At the end of the day, we help you choose features on wall systems that blend in with the existing office décor for a neat, clean, and seamless look. Out of our creative, futuristic, and out of this world designs, we generate imposing but breathtaking walls systems guaranteed to transform your work environment.

For all those who need to carve out more office space in their commercial premises, look no further than Tag Wall, LLC.

Why Tag Wall Offers the Best Custom Office Installations:

Speed and Convenience

Even for the lines that take up to six weeks to install, like Encore, we do spectacular work each day, making sure each minute detail is in place before we proceed to the next step. We promise you an easy, swift, non-intrucive process with remarkable results. We work at your convenience, making sure to keep interference with your normal office routines to a minimum.

We work fast but and efficient to beat deadlines and have time to improve on glitches, if there are any.


It is only in acclaimed firms like ours where you find an eclectic combination of ideas from masters in design architecture and project management. It is no wonder, therefore, that our products stand out from our competitors.

Our products also attest to the level of quality craftsmanship that our team members have. Our professional and experienced staff deliver quality service as they apply their technical expertise for a hitch free assemblage. Professional architects and designers oversee the installation by certified workmen.


Whether you are seeking total noise canceling clear glass for your conference room or just simple but strong unbreakable glass for employee cubicles, we’ve got you covered.

Whether temporary or permanent, we do the best job in setting up an impressive wall that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.

We approach all challenges that may arise during installation with a can-do attitude. We always achieve the results that we set together at the formation of our working contract. As some of our past clients can attest, when the team walks out of the client’s office, it is left dazzling just like a showroom.

Tag Wall, LLC offers the best custom office installation services for your walls. Beautify your space today by getting Tag Wall, LLC custom walls installed.


Glass walls are becoming all the rage in contemporary homes and commercial premises. The general impression is that they are affordable for only a few. However, Tag Wall, an architectural wall manufacturer and distributor, stocks three extremely beautiful and affordable lines of glass wall systems:

Affordable Glass Wall Systems


This by far is the bestseller of their brand. It screams elegance and class with its slim lines and sliding feature. Another option for a swinging door is available upon request. Being thin, the buyer gets a panoramic and ultra-clear view of the outdoors with no distracting layers that sometimes refract light. Despite being slim, it sits well into the wall and lasts as long as it’s thicker variants.

Slim line

This is the next best thing after Encore. It is slimmer, yet it comes with an incredible noise canceling feature.


Those who prefer our ion line love it for two reasons – it has the best acoustics you could ever find locally and above all, it is double glazed. Architects designing commercial buildings would find it to be their best resource.

During the colder months, a company saves on heating costs by up to half because a lot of energy (heat) is retained. When it gets warm, cooling costs are reduced because less heat from the outdoors flows in.

Home owners should look no further. They only need to describe the detail they wish to see on their glass and any other special features. The design team will handle the rest meticulously and produce a system that will simply blow your mind. We are timely, knowing that delivering quality before deadlines is one way to keep you running back to us.

Our designs are timeless, fitting literally into any decorating theme. We know, however, that the sleek design of glass doors fit best into ultra-modern homes. That does not compromise on our glass system’s versatility. The glasses can be tinted and hued to fit into the home and blend in with the rest of the décor.

We look forward while designing, and bring the breathtaking details of the past times’ décor into the future with us at the same time.

We know exactly what commercial spaces need. We have been able to achieve maximum Noise Reduction Coefficients with our designs, but our innovation has only just began.

We have built our reputation painstakingly throughout the years In New York. Our clients know we are the go-to firm for dazzling panels and glass walls. We encourage everyone – homeowners, architects, interior designers – to join our growing customer base and discover why our current clients are so loyal. It’s more than our out of this world designs and skills. It’s our dedication to the client.

Here’s why you need a glass wall system:

  • A senior employee will enjoy their privacy without feeling cut off from his/her team mates. Frosted glass can improve privacy further
  • Noise canceling glass allows them to have private meetings without anyone eavesdropping.
  • The change of view sometimes boosts mental power, maximizing performance at work.
  • The lighting is better in glass paneled rooms – either natural light filters in during the day, or the light from the main halls in the building help illuminate the room and open it up.

Transform the atmosphere in your office by installing Tag Wall glass wall systems. For anyone seeking to draw the outdoors in, from breathtaking views of the city skyline or magnificent sights like the sun setting over the beach and the waves crashing at the shore at dawn, this is the solution for them. Be one with nature in a way that only Tag Wall makes possible. Choose their fine delicately crafted but unbelievably strong glass wall systems. Affordability and best quality go hand in hand because we actually care about your home, office, and other commercial establishment interiors.