How Long Do Glass Wall Installers Usually Take?
Once the decision has been made to install glass walls, the logical step is to look for capable and reputable glass wall installers. Unlike normal brick or cardboard walls, glass walls are quite a costly undertaking and need to be taken quite seriously. Additionally, a downright unprofessional job will be easy to spot even to the most oblivious; this is unlike traditional wooden or brick walls, which need a coat of paint to mask faults or basic design flaws. Glass is more prone to breakage and the useful life is considerably shortened when installation is not done well. Glass Wall Installation: Timeframe

Installation of glass walls is neither a fast job nor necessarily a long one. However,Tag Wall generally gives a project like this about 6 weeks, depending on various factors. Other glass wall installers will usually give the client a time frame for installation based on several factors. These are:
• Duration it takes to source the materials
• Geographical distance of the manufacturer
• The client's own due date for completion
• Time of day when the installation can happen
• Required quality of the glass
• Number of contractors hired for glass wall installation
• On time and adequate financing of the installation

Duration of sourcing materials and distance of manufacturerGlass installation can only begin when the materials are on hand, and although contractors can lay some ground work as they wait for the materials, not a lot can be achieved until it arrives.
Manufacturers who are far away pose a logistical headache because transportation issues come in. The cost of transporting, number and types of transport vessels, companies involved, and the loading and unloading of the materials are just some of the issues that come into play, not to mention the risk of accidents. If the manufacturer is far away, one may need to consider taking out an insurance policy to cover against material loss via accidents.
The client's own time-frame
The client can designate a time period in which they expect the work to have been done. The glass wall installers will in turn adapt to the client's expectation and try and complete the job within that time frame. In a sense then, the client's own date of completion sets the pace for the entire job.
Time of day when the installation can happen
Depending on the stipulated regulations or the client's own requirements, the job could happen during the day or after hours. Although this may not seem particularly important, each time of day has its advantages. Daytime installation makes it easier to get additional components or fixtures and allows the use of natural light. Contractors are also likely to be more energetic during the day, just like any otherwork force. Nighttime installation, on the other hand, allows the contractors access to the entire office or floor. It provides a free zone to work without worrying about the noise they may create.
Quality of the glass wall
A quality job will demand more time and will guarantee that the glass wall lasts for a long time. If the focus is to use the glass walls into the future, adequate time should be allowed for the glass wall installers to be perfectionists and get the job done right.
Number of contractors and adequate financing
Manpower is everything. If a job needs to be done fast, having many contractors on hand can facilitate this. If the client needs a fast job, they should be prepared to finance the job fully and beforehand. Securing payment in this manner covers all aspects of sourcing, contractor payments and so on, sealing any loopholes for failure.
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