650 5th ave - 650 5th avenue company

292 Madison Avenue  Metro Investors 
New York, New York
A 26-story, 204,000 square foot office building located at the southwest corner of 41st Street. Their pre-built office program was designed by award-winning architects, The Mufson Partnership. The pre-builts’ modern design elements and contemporary layouts feature state-of-the-art wiring, internet-readiness and multiple outlets throughout. Distinguished acoustic performance and precise installation made Tagwall’s Encore System the perfect compliment to this handsome pre-built office program.
Encore System
Tagwall’s Encore Sysytem enabled the design of working spaces that are technically advanced while rooted in the classic New York styling of 292 Madison. The exposed ceilings and polished concrete floors set an elegant tone while the exceptional acoustic capabilities of the Encore system functionally divide the space for work without interrupting the grand views and spectacular sight lines.


The Mufson Partnership

The Mufson Parnership used the Encore System to craft luxurious, functional and high tech prebuilt offices. Clean installation lines complement the classic styling of the building. The state-of-the-art acoustic performance eliminates interoffice sound travel while glass walls extend natural light throughout the work spaces. Mufson has used Encore to create working spaces as elegant as they are advanced.