Best Reviewed Architectural Wall Distributors in NYC

Nickelodeon  Studios Architecture 
981 Linear Feet

Nickelodeon is home to some of the media industries most creative minds, so it was no surprise that their building renovations called for a fully custom space, expressing their unique corporate identity. Tagwall met Nickelodeons vision and aggressive lead times with locally sourced white lacquered wood doors and white powder coat Encore Wall Systems, paired with Custom Nickelodeon pattern Distraction banding on ½ inch clear tempered glass. Tagwall’s all White track and doors, clear glass offices, paired with white and Nickelodeon yellow painted walls, created a bright, open office space, congruent with Nickelodeon’s vision.

Prestige  JT Magen & Company Inc 
1017 Linear Feet

The largest independent provider of over-the-counter products in North America. Slimline track with locking door handles and switch glass, create a cost effective solution for an aesthetically pleasing workplace that doesn’t sacrifice security and can make open offices private with the flick of a switch.


Uber  Spector Group 
326 Linear Feet

Uber is a car service company revolutionizing the taxi industry. The Industrial Sash system was employed to achieve the right look with the necessary security and auditory capabilities. 


Riverstone Holdings  Ted Moudis Associates 
393 Linear Feet

Riverstone is an energy and power-focused private investment firm founded in 2000. The Encore system was recessed into the wood floor and covered in River stone logo distraction banding for a custom look.


Forsyth Street  Future Expansion Architects 
 50 Linear Feet

Forsyth Street is an advisory and asset management firm focused on affordable housing, real estate and municipal and impact investment. The Encore system was recessed into the floor and ceiling to give Forsyth a sleek all glass look.

Tilden Park Capital Managment  Spector Group 
195 Linear Feet

Tilden Park is a multi-strategy fixed-income-focused alternative asset manager headquartered in New York City. The Encore system was customized to fit seamlessly with Tilden’s existing polished chrome structural details while ensuring their beautiful Manhattan skyline view was accessible throughout the office.

LGT Capital Partners  The Mufson Partnership 
91 Linear Feet

Since 1997, LGT Capital Partners has invested on behalf of its global investor base. A soft polish finish to the Encore full frame system fit Capital’s aesthetics while maintaining auditory security.

Clarion Partners  Ted Moudis Associates 
 978 Linear Feet

Clarion Partners is distinguished by investments in high quality properties: office, retail, industrial, multifamily residential and hotel. The Encore system was used with hinged, lockable swing doors, in a bronze finish for an modern look that met Clarions simultaneous needs for interconnectivity and security.


Tremor Video  Spector Group 
444 Linear Feet

Tremor Video provides a marketplace for the world’s leading advertisers to buy and sell video advertising.  Tremor needed an environment that fit their workflow, a cycle of interactive team strategy meetings that transition to individualized efforts. The Encore System was used for individual offices and we developed a fully custom free standing glass conference room in the center of the office.


Agricultural Bank of China  Ted Moudis Associates 
 175 Linear Feet

China’s most international and diversified bank, the Bank provides a comprehensive range of financial services to customers across the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and 37 countries. The Encore full frame system was installed with locking door handles and partial distraction banding, providing the Bank of China with the open workspace it desired without sacrificing  privacy or security.

Greenlight Capital  Tuller McNealus Feld LLC 
 200 Linear Feet

Greenlight Capital is a hedge fund founded in 1996. Greenlight invests primarily in publicly traded North American corporate debt offerings and equities. Encore Full frame with locking door handles and ladder pulls balance Greenlight’s desire for open office atmosphere and need for crucial security measures.


A global sports, entertainment, marketing and management company with expertise in media rights, corporate consulting, athlete management and partnerships. At Wasserman the Encore system with ceiling recessed track, sliding doors, and blurred distraction banding in conference rooms, created an interconnected workspace with the functionality for auditory and visual privacy when necessary.

CPG Real Estate  by Rodriguez Studio Architecture P.C. 
  167 Linear Feet 
CPG Real Estate is the leading US-based private equity real estate company with a dedicated investment focus in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Encore system was used in a silver finish with sliding doors to create a visually interconnected workplace capable of auditory privacy.


Cement Bloc
  Foz Design     531 Linear Feet 

The Bloc is a full-service omnichannel creative engagement agency. Their offices have tremendous views and amazing light. Foz Design extend this light and view throughout the Bloc’s New York offices with the Encore System trimmed in a distinctive custom matte black finish.

  L.B. Architects P.C   370 Linear Feet

The office environment for this HR platform developer needed to reflect their brand principal that great work is done is great workspaces. Loffredo Brooks Architects employed the Industrial Sash System to define workspaces and provide sound insulation while increasing lines of sight with a functional minimal design that has reimagined the use of classic materials.

  The Mufson Partnership     106 Linear Feet
The Bacardi Company was founded in 1862 on Matadero Street in Santiago de Cuba. A long way from their origin, The Mufson Partnership selected the Encore Elite Slider System to bring clean, minimal glass walls and doors to their vibrant New York offices. These glass walls are customized with brand logos and vision lines.

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Pepsi Co
  Ted Moudis Associates   4385 Linear Feet

Tagwall brought out all of our existing specs and some new custom solutions for Pepsico.  We utilized the Ion double glazed system in audio sensitive conference rooms, with Ipads for room scheduling custom installed through our track system.  Encore single glazed system was used for a sleek simplistic look on offices.  The offices, conference rooms, and entrances received Ion and Encore systems paired with single or double, sliding or swing doors, accented by Italian handles or ladder pulls.  We used locking wood doors in security conscious rooms, and switch glass in Executive offices providing transition from open office to visual privacy at the flick of a switch.